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Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club

Learn to Fly On Ice! 

Volunteering at Meets

General Volunteering

All Adults in the Club are expected to Volunteer as part of the Club. The volunteer work of Adults helps keep our Club functioning and supports skaters.

Volunteer activities include fundraising activities (such as working at a Casino when allotted, Pub Nights, FundScrip Gift Cards, and Silent Auction) and general volunteering such as helping set-up and take-down mats at practices, serving on the Club Executive, and helping to run Meets each year. For more information on general volunteering and fundraising, please see Volunteering, Executive, and Support.

Volunteer Opportunities for Parents during Competitions

The following volunteer positions make a meet exciting and a great learning experience for the kids – and their parents. Each volunteer role is an important part of the whole competition team. While some positions require special knowledge or training (e.g. Chief Place Judge), others are open to all and training can be completed during the Meet.

During our two host meets, we need your help in volunteering for some of these positions. Many positions require several volunteers, so you will always have a team around you who will be pleased to help you learn the role. When you volunteer for these jobs, you will gain new insight into speed skating that will help your child excel at the sport. The Club provides training on the tasks required of each position to ensure volunteers feel comfortable in their roles.

In addition to these specific jobs at any meet, for our own meets we provide a lunch and snacks for all volunteers. All Club members are expected to contribute food items for these meals and we will need volunteers to run the lunch room. Sign-up sheets for the food items and volunteer positions will be circulated on regular skating nights or by email about 2 weeks before a Club Meet.

Meet Coordinator

  • Organizes, sets up, and runs the meet


  • On race day, has final say on all aspects of the meet
  • Follows all the races on the ice
  • Makes decisions on rule infractions
  • Usually has an Assistant Referee

Clerk of the Course

  • Lines skaters up several races in advance


  • Calls skaters to the start
  • Starts the race by firing a gun or blowing a whistle
  • Ensures that competitors have a fair start
Track Stewards

  • Watch for skates inside lane markers
  • Replace markers when necessary
  • Water the track as necessary

Lap Recorder

  • Indicates the number of laps left in the race; rings bell for the final lap.

  • Using stopwatches, record each skater's time in each race
  • The Central Lions, our title sponsors, act as our official Timers at both our Short and Long Track Meets each year! Thank you, Central Lions!

Place Judges

  • Check the skater's number at the start line
  • Make the decision as to placement of skaters as they finish


  • Records skaters' times and places, prepares the order for the next set of races.


  • Each club has at least one coach in a specially designated area. Only the coach may approach the Referee on behalf of a skater.
  • Any concerns during a meet should be taken to your Coaches.