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Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club

Learn to Fly On Ice! 

Donate and Support our Club: Gear, Donations, and FundScrip

Order Club Gear and Support Our Club!

Check our our Club Gear through the Official RDCLSSC Online Apparel Store!

Order on demand and 10% of each sale goes to support the Club's operations. 

Donate to Support the Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club

We accept donations at any time. Please contact [email protected]

We also raise funds through FundScrip! Anyone can purchase gift cards from FundScrip to support our Club!

For information on Club Member expectations, check out: Volunteering and Fundraising.

Support Our Club with Gift Cards through FundScrip

FundScrip Fundraising: Support Our Club with Everyday Purchases!

Through FundScrip, you can purchase gift cards for stores you shop at every day. FundScrip donates a percent of each gift card amount to our Club.

How To Use FundScrip? Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to: FundScrip Support a Group
  2. Set up an Account
  3. Enter RDCLSSC’s invitation code is: 6JL3T5. This code directs the FundScrip percentage to our Club.
  4. Order Gift Cards for your usual stores and shop as usual.

What Is FundScrip?

FundScrip is a fundraising program where a percentage of the gift cards that you purchase is then donated to RDCLSSC. At no cost to you, paying for your everyday purchases with gift cards bought through the FundScrip program financially supports RDCLSSC.

Just by paying for your groceries and gas with gift cards you can easily generate $30 every month for RDCLSSC - that's $360 a year! Again, it doesn't cost you anything extra. You don't have to change where you shop or what you buy.

Your every day purchases add up to make a difference very quickly.