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Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club

Learn to Fly On Ice! 



Communication Within the Club

Posted by RDSpeedskating on October 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM

There will be a flurry of emails that come through your inbox; please take the time to read them before you hit delete. We try to put "Speed Skating" at the front of each subject line.

All emails will come from [email protected] with the exception of targetted emails sent by Nick as Head Coach.

Sometimes a message goes to all members, sometimes to select groups (e.g., a training group). If an email comes to you, please read it through!

Emails will likely come out once per week (we try to keep it to that) with some exceptions for urgent information and race announcements.

If you need another person in your family as an email recipient, please let us know. We base our email list on the email addresses in the registration system and on the paper form you filled out at Registration.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be checking that families are receiving emails by simply asking in the changerooms.

In the Winter, when we move outside, we will also introduce a messaging system for urgent communications related to same-day practice cancellations (watch for more information later in the season).

If an email comes to your mailbox, please read the entire message each time: interesting and important info will be contained. If you need clarification, there is often an email contact listed in the message; if no contact is listed, reply to the email address that sent the message and they will forward it to the appropriate person.

Race Announcements

We try to limit our Club emails to once a week (usually sent on the weekend). The exception is race announcements -- as these have more specific information and attachments, we send these out as soon as we receive them. For messages that are a Race Announcement (or competition, or meet):

These are distributed to all club members.

Families can choose to attend a meet or not - there is no requirement to attend just because we sent the information out (the exception is Group 2 skaters who may be trying to qualify for higher-level meets -- you should talk to Nick early on about which meets your skater need to attend).

If it is a recommended meet for an age group, or ability we will mention it in the email (but each family still chooses whether to attend or not).

Online Meet Registration - Some registrations are online so go ahead and follow the instructions if your family is interested. If online registration:

Please email Nick to let him know you are planning to attend. We try to send a Coach to most meets at which we have skaters but, if coaches can't attend, we can make arrangements for onsite coaching.

The coaches will get a list of who is attending, and an email with more info will be sent to registrants as the Meet Organizers get their schedules complete (usually the Thursday or Friday before the meet starts on Saturday).

Paper Registration - If registration is paper and cheque, a deadline will be noted in the email. This will be a hard deadline as we have to meet the deadline for submission set by the host club. All Meet Registrations must be handed in to Nick by the deadline together with a cheque made out to RDCLSSC. Registration Forms will not be accepted without payment.

If in doubt of whether your skater should attend a meet, chat with the coaches. 

If you have any questions about communications (or anything), please let me know.

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